Movies on Bangladesh Genocide

Bangladesh, the erstwhile East Pakistan one half of Pakistan, suffered heinous atrocities by the Pakistani Army and its military junta in 1971. 

It was a Genocide, a brutal religion- ethnic annihilation of the Bengali race. Muslims, Hindus, Christians and Buddhists were the victims of this heinous Genocide.
Nine months of occupation of East Pakistan by the Pakistan Army, they have raped 800,000 to 1 million women and girls. They killed circa 3 million people - 12 million people sought refuge in India to save their souls from the Genocide, 25,000 babies born were fostered away.  United Nations organised abortion clinics in 1972. The Pakistani Army and the local collaborators looted more than 10 Billion dollars worth of gold, bullion, cash, foreign currency.
The wider world had very little knowledge about these crimes against humanity. 

Please watch these to understand and get first-hand knowledge of that barbaric Genocide.